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Afya Dynamics Pharmacy Management Module is an end-to-end pharmacy prescription fulfillment solution suitable for independent pharmacies and out-patient pharmacies within a hospital Set-up. The module is Flexible, easy-to-learn and adapt solution.

It deals with the everyday activities along with administration process of Pharmacy along with comprehensive method of managing the inventory and dispatching of drugs. All pharmaceuticals and their batch no’s, on hand quantities, reorder levels and, expiry dates maintained in a dynamic database that’s updated by stock movements within the system.



Using Afya Dynamics, you can make drug orders from anywhere, using any device and have them sent directly to the pharmacy for dispensing. The pharmacist can maintain pending & Completed orders through the system.

Multiple warehouses/ Stores

The system allows the management of inventory in different warehouses i.e a bulk store, a dispensing store, a departmental store eg nurses station all of which you will be able to maintain their stock independently. Stock transfer is also available between the warehouses.

Prescription labels

The system allows the printing of prescription labels which can then be stuck on the drugs issued to the patient. This provides a professional and verifiable process through which the prescription details are printed from the system, reducing instances of errors.

Barcodes & Cash drawers

The system is adapted to work with barcode scanners and cash drawers. This allows for busy pharmacies to serve customers fast and efficiently.

SMS Prescriptions.

Your patients can now receive their prescriptions via SMS. This ensures that prescription notes are legible and easily traceable.

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