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Afya Dynamics HIMS has become an invaluable tool when it comes to reporting of regulatory compliance, productivity monitoring, and financial performance. It helps hospitals stand out in the industry and take a step ahead of all other hospitals, nipping at their heels while they strive to break into the field.

Hospitals can manage  healthcare performance smoothly along with having an informed insight on administrative, medical and financial controls.  Afya Dynamics is a cornerstone for the successful operation of healthcare facilities, providing hospitals with improved service quality and efficiency.


Billing & Finance.

AfyaDynamics offers a full-fledged finance system that includes modules such as quotations, invoices, payments, bills & banking. The system is designed to give you an accurate financial position of your facility at the click of a button. The system gives reports such as trial balance, balance sheet, statement of cashflows and income statements. All finance data can be exported to both Excel and PDF.

HR & Payroll

AfyaDynamics has a fully fledged Human resource and payroll management module, encompassing pay slips processing, payroll, statutory deductions reports, leave management , overtime and advance management.

Queue Management.

AfyaDynamics uses a sophisticated queue management system that allows the various departments to serve their clientele efficiently. The system allows for creation of custom queues per department or per individual system users such as doctors.

In patient management.

We have digitized nearly all processes that go on in the inpatient departments. From patient admission, ward & bed management, inpatient file we have it all. The system allows for easy management of admitted patient with files such as the cardex, intake – output & treatment chart. The system also includes specialty modules for surgical and maternity admissions that make it easy to manage such patients.

Robust Clinical Modules.

The system is suited for to enable the clinician to offer the best possible treatment for a patient. Starting from triage, the system allows patients clinical information to be recorded effectively. The system will issue alerts when values for BMI, Blood pressure and BPM are high or low, allowing the clinician to make timely decisions.
The system also incorporates ICD10, ICD11 & ICDO standards for the effective diagnosis of patient using internationally accepted standards and codes.

Insurance, Schemes & Capitation.

The system is built with insurance in mind. The system offers a robust insurance module that tracks all bills that belong to insurances. The system is also equipped to track insurance limits ensuring that the facility does not go at a loss when patients use services beyond their limit.
The system can also be used to effectively track the usage of capitation provided by various insurances. The system generates reports on capitation spend analyzing if the capitation scheme is running at a loss/ profit.


No more procurement hassles, AfyaDynamics is designed to make the procurement process easy. Make orders and receive goods straight from the system. Enter supplier bills and consequently their payments through the system.


Each module on AfyaDynamics comes with custom reports by default. Reports can be filtered by date range among other criteria. They include medical and finance reports that enable you, the facility administrator to be up to date, always informed and ready to act based on managerial indicators built into our reports.

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