Solutions for laboratories

The Laboratory module allows the lab technicians to record and maintain the details of various tests conducted for both OPD and IPD patients. The results of these tests are directly shared with doctors for viewing as soon as they are ready.

It is designed to streamline the work flows, right from requests through results reporting. It helps users to place requests into the system for proficient and collective analysis of patient’s specimens. The module automates the investigation request and the process involved in delivering the results to the concerned department/doctor of the hospital.

By virtue of it work flow approach and maturity as a product combined with its ease of use, the module ensures quality and error-free performance of the Laboratory



Order tests on the system from anywhere with any device connected to the internet. The tests will be received and managed by the lab through the system. Lab technologists get alerts whenever a test is ordered, and they can view a list of their pending and completed tests

Custom reporting templates

The system allows lab technologists & pathologists to create their own custom reporting templates that are easy to setup and report. The templates are robust with the ability to offer comments when an abnormal value is received.

SMS Notifications.

Your patients can rest easy with the knowledge that they will be alerted immediately their test has been completed. SMS alerts allow the lab to communicate efficiently with their patients.

Robust reports.

Reports on AfyaDynamics can be customized to fit the labs branding and colors. Reports generated are downloadable on pdf and can also be emailed to the patient straight from the system.

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