For Hospitals

Manage your healthcare facility smoothly by having an informed insight on administrative, medical and financial controls.

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For Laboratories

Streamline the work flows of your laboratory right from requests, billing and reporting.

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For Pharmacies

Manage your pharmacy with an end-to-end prescription fulfillment solution.

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Digitize the care in your facility.

Afya dynamics enables facility administrators and owners to feel the pulse of their facility with informed insights on administrative, medical, and financial controls.

Aside from managing patient records, optimizing the workflow, and reducing paperwork, Afya Dynamics offers robust marketing solutions for hospitals to reach more patients through integrated bulk SMS and bulk email engines.

Currently, Afya Dynamics is being utilized by around 100 health professionals in Kenya to serve an average of 30,000 patients every month.

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Cloud Based

Unlock the power of the cloud for your facility. Access your data anywhere, anytime.

Multi Device access.

Whether it using tablets, Desktops or mobile phones, Afya Dynamics is available.

24/7 Support

Our support team is always on hand 24/7 to help you incase of any issues.

Making the switch easy.

We can easily get you on Afya Dyamics in matter of hours. Whether you’re switching from paper to digital, or upgrading from your outdated software, we’ll do the whole setup for you!

Schedule a free live demo to relish the Afya Dynamics experience.

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